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Admission Policy

The intake capacity of the institute is 35 seats. Out of which 9 seats reserved by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). 03 normal seats for Ph. D. (Agri-Business)
A)MBA (Agri-Business): Students having domicile of Gujarat with degree in Agriculture and Allied Science with minimum 5.50/10.00 O.G.P.A. are eligible for admission. The remaining vacant seats of state quota will be filled up by  the students having graduate degree in Bio-science, Life Science, B.B.A., B.Com., B.R.S. or B.E. (Bachelors of Engineering) keeping 60 % or 6.00/10.00 O.G.P.A. as a minimum requirement. The study period for all the students shall be of four semesters (two years). However, the students from other than Agriculture and Allied fields will have to undergo two noncredit pre-requisite courses as may be decided by the Principal of PGIABM.
B) Ph. D (Agri-Business): A candidate for admission to Ph. D. Programme should possess Master’s Degree in Agri-Business/Agril. Management /Business Administration and master Degree in agricultural Economics with 65 % as per traditional system or under O.G.P.A. 6.50 out of 10.00 ( relaxable to 60% or 6.0 out of 10.00 for SC/ST)
For 1st and 2nd Semester: Rs. 19,600 and Rs. 12,100 for boys and for girls it is Rs. 12,600 and Rs. 5,100 for 3rd and 4th Semester: Rs. 12,700 and Rs. 12,100 for boys and for girls Rs. 5700 and Rs. 5100.