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Mota Bhandariya –Amreli


Amreli is located in Saurashtra region of Gujarat with 20.45o to 22.15o North Latitude and 70.13o to 71.45o East Longitude. It falls under the North Saurashtra Agro Climate Zone of Gujarat. There are 11 talukas with the total area of 7431.24 square kilometer.
Average rainfall of Amreli district is 652mm. Almost one-eighth of the total geographical area (13%) was under problematic soils in the district. The degraded and fallow lands like cultivable waste, and current and other fallow lands accounted for 5 percent of the total geographical area. Permanent pastures (7%) and forest area (6%) needs to be improved.
The cropping pattern in the district indicated that groundnut was the predominat crop with 62 percent of the total kharif cropped area and it was followed by cotton (26%) and sesame (10%). On the other hand, in rabi / summer, sesame was the predominant crop (42%) followed by wheat (41%) and groundnut (13%). In case of horticulture crops, the highest area was under spices (cumin, 32%) followed by fruit crops (32%).