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Testing & Training Center of Farm Machinery

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology

Junagadh Agricultural University


Phone : (0285) 2672080-90, Ext. 390; Fax : (0285) 2671018; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Approved by Govt. of India, Dept. of Agriculture and Cooperation (M&T Division), Ministry of Agri., New Delhi vide letter F.No. 8-1/2004 - My. (I &P), dtd. 14.09.2010
The “Testing and Training Center of Farm Machinery”  under the Department of Farm Machinery and Power, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh was established in August, 2008 by the State Govt. with the financial support from the Central Govt. under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) with total outlay of project as Rs. 535.00 lacs.  It is on the line of testing of agricultural machines carried out by Farm Machinery Testing and Training Institutes (FMTTIs), established by the Govt. of India. Our Center is one of the twenty five institutions approved by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operations, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India in the direction of ensuring supply of quality agricultural machinery and equipment under Government programmes. 
Objectives of the Center :
1. Testing of farm equipments (hand tools, implements and machines) to assess their working performance, suitability and certification.
2. To carry out laboratory and field tests and experiments in order to check their performance in detail.
3. To establish standardization in parts, components, assembly, systems etc. to bring quality and to reduce repairing, replacement cost.
4. To impart training on use, repairs, maintenance and management aspects. 
Physical Achievements :  
1. Construction work of testing and training laboratory building.
2. Infrastructure facilities development for Training hall cum museum, audio-visual aids, presentation materials, charts /models, info panels, display boards and systems, training manuals, test code preparation, printing of booklets.
3. Development work of field and test plots with pole-fencing work, implement shed, approach road and field road.
4. Procurement of improved farm equipments, combine harvester, straw harvester, self propelled paddy transplanter,  cotton stalk slasher, mobile chopper, reaper cum binder, green groundnut thresher, laser land leveler, vertical rotary plough, zero till drill, fully automatic potato planter, potato digger etc.
5. Procurement of engineering parameters calibration and testing instruments, exhaust gas analyzer,  material handling equipments, ergonomic equipments, measuring instruments, engine test rig, material testing machine, etc.
6. Implements test set-up, Seed drill test set-up, Fuel filter test set-up, Materials test set-up, etc.
7. Instrumentation cum computer cell with reprographic facility. 
The quality and standard agricultural equipments become helpful to perform different farm operations efficiently and economically. Thus, saving in labour, time and cost can be achieved, which bring down the cost of agricultural production. Timely sowing, interculturing, plant protection and harvesting operation become helpful to minimize the crop losses and to increase the crop production. The efforts will be made to establish standardization in parts, components, assembly, systems etc. and popularization of standard equipments in the State to bring quality equipments, interchangeability of parts and to reduce repairing and replacement cost. Various types of equipments produced  by the manufacturer of the state and national level have been received for evaluation of their work performance and feasibility like seed dressing drum, bullock drawn drilling attachment, hand operated weeder, hand seed drill, manually operated seed drill with cultivator, bullock drawn seed cum fertilizer drill, post hole digger, bullock drawn multipurpose pipe frame implement, bullock drawn plough, cono weeder, paddy weeder hand winnower, chaff cutter, ridger plough, hand wheel hoe, cotton plant puller, maize sheller, bund former, tractor drawn seed cum fertilizer drill, mould board plough, reversible mould board plough, disc plough, rotavator, cultivator, leveller, disc harrow, blade harrow, sub soiler, potato planter, potato digger, groundnut digger,  groundnut/ castor decorticator,  harrow karab, battery operated sprayer / cotton picker etc. The receipt of about Rs. 886.88 lakhs (up to 31/03/2022) as testing fees has been deposited to the university fund.
 List of Farm Machinery Testing Centre approved by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi
Notification of the centre by JAU, Junagadh :
Officials of the Centre : 
Act as
Contact detail
Dr. V. K. Tiwari
Professor & Head
Testing In-charge
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Dr. T.  D. Mehta
Associate Professor
Testing Engineer
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Prof. A. L. Vadher
Asstt. Prof.
Testing Engineer Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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