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Department of Agril. Economics, COA, JAU, Junagadh has organized Entrepreneurship Skill Development Training under IDP during May 11-12, 2019.

     The Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh has organized a two-day Entrepreneurship Skill Development Training Programme on the topic: “Processing and Value Addition of High Value Crops” during 11th - 12th May, 2019 for the students to B. Sc. Agriculture under the Institutional Development Plan of NAHEP, ICAR sponsored by the World Bank. The programme consisted of lectures related to processing, value addition and export prospects in agricultural sector. Besides, exposure visits were also arranged for the students to various ginning, oil extraction and spinning units down the cotton value chain and other agro-industrial units in and around Jamnagar so as to provide the students hands-on training on the prospects in agro-processing and value addition. The training programme was co-ordinated by Dr. H. M. Gajipara, Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, CoA, JAU, Junagadh. Dr. V.D. Tarpara, Dr. S. B. Vekariya, Dr. B. Swaminathan and Pr. V. L. Gondaliya served as the co-organizing secretaries of the training programme. The programme was organized under the guidance of Dr. (Col.) A. R. Pathak, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor; Dr. V. P. Chovatia, Director of Research and Principal Investigator; and Dr. B. K. Sagarka, Principal and Co-Principal Investigator, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh.

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વિસ્તરણ શિક્ષણ નિયામકશ્રી, જુ.કૃ.યુ., જુનાગઢની કચેરી દ્વારા તા. 18/09/2019 થી તા. 03/10/2019 દરમ્યાન ગ્રીન હાઉસ - નેટ હાઉસમાં થતી ખેતી પર તાલીમ કાર્યક્રમનું આયોજન.
College of Veterinary Science & A. H., Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh conducted a seminar on the subject ‘Gender equality’ under the aegis of Gender Champion Club on 11th September 2019.
વિસ્તરણ શિક્ષણ નિયામકશ્રીની કચેરી દ્વારા ૧૫ દિવસીય સર્ટીફીકેટ કોર્ષ "ઇન્ટીગ્રેટેડ ન્યુટ્રીયન્ટ મેનેજમેન્ટ ફોર ફર્ટીલાઈઝર ડીલર્સ" ના તાલીમ કાર્યક્રમના આયોજન બાબત.
Dept. of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology, COVSAH, JAU, Junagadh is going to organize a Five Days Vocational Training on “Application of One Health Concept for Control of Emerging Zoonoses and Health Threats” on 14th to 18th October, 2019.
Six days vocational training on “Application of CAD in designing of agricultural equipment” during 16th-21st September, 2019 is going to be organized by the Dept. FMPE, CAET, JAU, Junagadh under Institutional Development Plan.
Training programme for farm women of Surat district will be organized by DEE, JAU, Junagadh at SSK on September 17-19, 2019.
Training programme for farmers of Mahesana district will be orgnized by DEE, JAU, Junagadh at SSK on September 23-25, 2019.
National Training on “Latest Advancement in Upstream Reproductive Physiological Techniques” under IDP, ICAR is going to organize during 16th - 18th Sept. 2019 by Dept. of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry, College of Veterinary Science and A.H., JAU