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Agricultural Research Station (Fruit Crops),

Junagadh Agricultural University,

Mahuva Dist : Bhavnagar - 364 290

Year of Establishment : 1852
This farm was established in 1852 by Late Highness Shree Bhavsinhji of Bhavnagar State having area of 1529 acre. Thus, this farm may be one of the biggest and the oldest farm of our state. In 1947, this farm was handed over to Agriculture Department, Government of Gujarat for extension and nursery activities to bring more and more coastal area under coconut plantation through supplying the best selected coconut seedlings to the growers. In 1972, this farm was transferred to Gujarat Agricultural University to conduct the research activities on coconut and other fruit crop. From 2004 and onwards, this farm belongs to Junagadh Agricultural University.
The object to establish this farm was to bring fellow land of coastal area under horticulture crops like mango, coconut, areca nut chiku, banana, etc. This farm also situated on bank of Malan river, and there was ample source of sweet irrigation water at that time and because of that large area of farm, it was covered under coconut, mango, chiku, areca nut etc crops. Equable humid climate of coastal area and evergreen with many horticultural orchards in the city and surrounding area this Mahuva city was well known as a “Kashmir of Saurashtra”. This status was maintained till 1975 and during this time, two dames were constructed on Malan river. But insufficient and uneven rainfall stopped the flow of Malan river which was running throughout the year. This has resulted in acute shortage of irrigation water. As farmers lifted more ground water for irrigation, ultimately resulted in brackish water and now it has became totally saline.
The nearest city and railway station is Mahuva 3 km away and nearest district place and aerodrome is Bhavnagar 100km.
Mandate :
  1. To evolve high yielding variety of coconut.
  2. To determine most suitable and effective agronomical practices for the coconut reduction.
  3. To introduce new fruit crops for the region.
  4. To supply the true to type of grafts / plants / hybrid coconut seedlings to the farmers.
  5. To find out suitable plant protection measure against coconut pest and disease.
Objectives :
  1. Collection evaluation and maintenance of indigenous and exotic germplasm of coconut palm.
  2. To generate germplasm for developing high yielding disease resistant and better high yielding varieties of coconut. Bajara, Onion, Garlic etc.
  3. To develop varieties of above crops having high yield potential better fruit yielding and resistant to biotic pest and disease.
  4. Testing of newly developed genotypes under various environments to find out their suitability.
  5. To develop location specific production technology including harvest and post harvest technology as well as work out organic farming practices.
  6. Screening and testing of germplasm as well as promising material for various disease résistance and workout effective as well as economical control measures.
  7. To produce and distribute seedilng of coconut of varieties DxT Mahuva among the farmers.
  8. To disseminate production technology of coconut crop to the farmers using by various extension tools.
Faculty Profile :
Specialized subject
Dr. P. K. Kapadiya
Res. Sci. (Horti.)
Ph. D. (Horti.)
Shri. A. S. Kotiya
Asst. Res. Sci.(Fish)
M. F. Sc.
Dr. S. W. Sawarkar
Asso. Res. Sci.
Ph. D.
Veterinary& animal husbandry extension
Shri. V. A. Patel
Agril. Officer
M.Sc. (Agri.)
Soil Science
Shri. C. P. Maval
Agril. Officer
Diploma in Agril
Research projects and schemes – ongoing :
Sr. No.
Project Name
Starting Year
Research in Fruit Crops (Non Plan).
To find out most suitable and low cost production technology in fruit crop.
Bajra Research Station (Non Plan).
Testing of different varieties of Bajra.
Establishment of new centre on Onion Crop  (Plan)
To find out appropriate low cost production technology for onion. Varietal testing for onion and garlic.
Centre of excellence  for soil and Water Mgt. technology  (Plan)
To determine most effective and low cost water harvesting and irrigation system.
Strengthening of Agro meteorology at JAU  (Sub Center) (Plan)
Establishment of Weather Laboratory at Coastal area for recording weather parameters.
Centre of excellence  for soil and Water Mgt. technology (Sub Centre) (Plan)
To determine most effective and low cost water harvesting and irrigation system.
Mega Seed Production    (Plan).
Production of good quality planting materials and supply to the growers.
Strengthening of research in Plantation and Fruit Crops (Plan).
To find out suitable inter crop for coconut, Introduction of new fruit crops, Germplasm collection, conservation for fruit and plantation crop.
Establishment of the elite seed farm for coconut D x T (Mahuva) seed nut production
To produce large scale D x T (Mahuva) seed nuts and seedlings of coconut. To fulfill the requirement of D x T (Mahuva) seedlings for the coconut growers.
Smart Farming for increasing agricultural production in sodic soils of coastal area of Saurashtra
To increase the agricultural production in sodic soils of coastal area of Saurashtra
Research Activities :
A.  Crop Improvement :
  1. Strengthening of genetic resources which include collection, evaluation and maintenance of germplasm for making use in breeding programme.
  2. Testing of newly developed genotypes under various categories of trials such as PRT, SST, LST, IHT, AHT etc. on bajara crops.
  3. Dissemination of the newly developed technology on the farmer's field through demonstrations.
  4. LSVT on red onion / white onion / dark red onion / garlic.
B. Resource Management :
  1. Effect of nursery media and pre-sowing treatments of seed nut on germination, growth and quality of seedlings cv. D x T (Mahuva)
  2. Compare study on open and low cost green house nursery for seed germination and dynamic growth of coconut seedling cv. D x T (Mahuva).
    Application of diff. micro nutrients through root feedings
  3. Integrated Nutrient Management in Sapota Cv. Kalipatti.
  4. Effect of green manuring in coconut orchard on yield of coconut cv. T x D and soil properties.
  5. Effect of different levels of soil moisture regimes on yield of coconut cv. T x D.
C. Crop Protection :
  1. Study on seasonal activity of Opisina arenosella and its parasites
  2. Mass rearing and field release of Goniozus nephantidis.
  3. Mass rearing and field release of Brachymeria Spp. and Xanthopimpla punctata
  4. Management of eriophyid mite in coconut cv. T x D
  5. To find out the effect of macro and micro nutrients and bio fertilizer against the mites management in coconut cv. D x T (Mahuva)
Significant Achievements :
  1. Hybrid variety D x T (Mahuva) of coconut developed at this centre has been recommended for commercial cultivation in Gujarat for coconut growers which is well adopted by the farmers.
  2. The water harvesting facilities from Nikol.
  3. The state sponsored Sardar Patel Agriculture Research award was conferred upon this station for development of D x T hybrid variety in the year 1997-98.
  4. Nearly 75 ha. land opened and developed by removing the babul kant and fencing it with strength of 4’ x 4’ cement poll covering a total area of 4.2 km length.
Publications :
Research Papers Published by the Faculty : 33
Popular Articles / Folder / Booklet : 51
Books : 4
Transfer of Technologies / Extension Activities :
The technologies developed at this research station are being dissiminated to the various extension agencies, N.G.O's, farmers and students by Organizing farmers day / agril. fair at the station, by participating in the ' Krushi Mela ', farmers days and Agril. Exhibition organized by University or other agencies, educating students during Kendra Nivas and to farmers during visit of this station. Through TV, Radio broadcasting, literature, press note, personnel / spot field diagnosis and letter etc the extension activities is carried out.
Future Outlook :
Targets :
  1. Yield enhancement and stability in production of coconut through hybrid varieties.
  2. To develop input responsive varieties of coconut and chiku crops.
  3. To brace up rouduction technology of coconut that is more friedly to harsh environment in terms of sustaining and utilizing natural resources i. e biofertilizers, water and land.
Mile stone :
  1. Development of high yielding varieties having stable performance, consumer friendly quality and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  2. Development of high yielding and hybrids of coconut crops.
  3. Development of resources responsive varieties / hybrids of coconut Bajara
  4. Production technology for specific crop system based on coconut.
  5. Identification of donors for major diseases, insect pests and quality traits.
  1. Development of resources responsive varieties / hybrids of coconut.
  2. Production technology for specific crop system based on coconut.
  3. Identification of donors for major diseases, insect pests and quality traits.
  4. Enhanced quality attributes that includes physical, nutritional and cooking quality and arresting antinutritional atrributes.
  5. TOT including improved seedling.
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