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Year of Establishment : 1975
Profile / History :
Country is indebted to our beloved leader late Vallabhabhai Patel who has shaped our public life and has contributed much more specifically for uplifting the farming community. To commemorate his memory during his birth centenary in 1975, it was thought fit to establish Sardar Smruti Kendra at Junagadh, Junagadh Agricultural University which will serve as a radiating centre to disseminate his spirit, Government of Gujarat formed centenary celebration committee with peoples contribution from Saurashtra and have established an institute named as Sardar Smruti Kendra by constructing building with a photographic gallery and a museum presenting latest technology and recommendation for farmers. The museum has also a section depicting memorable portraits of “ARZI HAKOOMAT” formed for liberation of Junagadh through people struggle in 1947.
Motto :
To empower the rural communities, particularly the under privileged farmers and farm women to have control over their own livelihood and manage their occupation to create better economic condition.
Objectives of the Centre :
  1. To maintain the photographic gallery of Sardar Patel’s biographic portrait and “ARZI HAKOOMAT” of Junagadh.
  2. To maintain an agricultural exhibition based on latest recommendation.
  3. To advice farmers in latest technology.
  4. To publish farm literature in popular language for farming community.
  5. To train farmers and farm women in agriculture, animal husbandry, home science and allied areas.
  6. Improvement of Agro-Economic status of rural people.
With these objectives in view, Sardar Smruti Kendra carries out its mission through the information wing, Training Wing and Exhibition Wing.
Activities :
  1. To organize for various training programmed for various categories of farmers who are connected with agriculture.
  2. To collect the up-to-date information on agriculture and allied fields.
  3. To prepare agricultural research based information in form of leaflets folders and booklets.
  4. To suggest the solutions to the problem of the farmers in concurrence with related scientists either in person or through correspondence.
  5. To participate in agricultural fair organized by university time to time for exposure of new agricultural technologies.
  6. To arrange method demonstration video show.
  7. To exhibit Sardar Patel's life as role model and display advance agricultural technologies in form of charts, Photographs, models and specimens etc.
Facilities :
           To provide lodging and boarding facilities to the trainees, a well equipped "Krushikar Athibhavan" (Hostel) been established. Fifty trainees can be accommodated comfortably in this hostel
Faculty profile :
Total experience
in years
Specialized subject
Phone / Email
Dr. G R Gohil
Asstt. Ext. Edu
Extension Education
(M):92747 78910
      92757 08342
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Prof. V.G. Barad
Asstt. Ext. Edu
Extension Education
(M): 94286 22969
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Shri H. M. Kunjadiya
Agri. Asstt.
Diploma in Agri.
(M):  97265 92770
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Pooja B. Ashawar
Junior Instructor
(Home Science)
Food & Nutrition
(M): 94096 05479
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On Campus Training and Off Campus Training :
During the year under report farmers and farm women were trained in modern agricultural, Animal Husbandry and other related subjects. Details are as under:
Types  of  trainees
Duration of training
No. classes
No. participations
  (A)    Institutional Training
1-3 days
Farm women
1-3 days
Total  (A)
  (B)    Non Institutional Training
 Farm women
1 days
Total  (B)
Total (A  + B)
Other Activities :
(a) Agricultural  Fair :
Agricultural fair / krishi mela was organized by different institutes and organization at following place. The farmers and farm women took benefit of the fair and were pleased to see the latest agricultural technology and implements exhibited by the Junagadh Agricultural University.
Sr. No.
By which institute / organization arranged
Total Participate
Agri Tok, Rajkot
Agri Tok, Rajkot
shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Rajkot
shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Rajkot
(b) Agricultural Exhibition :
Six (06) agricultural Exhibitions were organized at different villages of  Saurashtra. Where farmers and farm women were took the benefit. Thus total 110424  farmers and farm women were participated.
(c) Agricultural Literature Exhibition :
During the year under report, total 6 (Six) agricultural Exhibitions of organized Literatures were in different extension activities for benefit of farmers, farm women and extension workers. Thus farmers and farm women were got the benefit. Thus, total 88100 farmers and farm women were participated in agricultural literatures exhibition.
Pragatisheel Kheti
Pashupalan Panchamrut
Pak Sarakshan Vyavastha
Krushi Pak Utpadan ma Suxma Tatvonu Mahatav
Fal ane Ful
Ahar ne Olakho ane Arogya Jalavo
Shakbhaji Pakoni Kheti
Bekari Vanginee Banavat
Jaminanu Amrut
Telibiya Pako nee Kheti
Fal ane Shakbhajee nu parirakshan
Gujarat Rajyana Agtyana Pako ni Sendriya Kheti
Apana Aushadho
(d) Visitors :
During the preriod of 1-4-2017 to 31-3-2018 more than 8795 visitors including farmers, farm women, students, extension personals and other visitors were guided properly with the different activities of our center. The visit in the department as well as on the farm were also arranged for getting information and guidance on new farm technology. Following is the list of some of the progressive farmers group/VIPs etc.
  1. Deputy Directore of Agriculture (Training) Junagadh, Patan, Vyara(Tapi), Dahod, Anand, Disa (Sabarkantha), Mahesana, Kheda, Ahmedabad, Chhotaudepur, Mahisagar
  2. Atma Project Junagadh, Rajkot, Gandevi(Navasari), Navasari, Valsad, Anand, Ankleshvar, Bharuch, Ankleshvar(Dist:Bharuch), Narmda, Tilakvada (Narmda), Nandod(Narmda), Ta:Unja(Mahesana), Mahesana, Thasara(Mahesana), Bcharaji(Mahesana), Visanagar(Dist:Mahesana), Kadi(Mahesana), Bhooj-Kachh, Dungrapur(Rajshthan), Kapadvanj(Kheda), Rajshthan, Mangrol(Junagadh), Hariyana, TADA Yojna Shihora(Rajshthan), Buru(Rajshthan), Shihori(Rajshthan), Nagor(Rajshthan), Jaypur(Rajshthan), Zalna(Mharashtra), Ajmer(Rajshthan)
  3. Directore of Horticultural, Chhotaudepur
  4. Arjun Shaikshnik School, Chitravad Ta. Talala Dist. Gir Somnath
  5. Agakhan School, Chitravad Ta: Talala Dist: Gir Somnath
  6. Noble Enginnering College, Junagadh
  7. R.K. University, Rajkot
  8. Vishv Vatsaly Manv Seva Trust, Bagasara Dist: Amreli
  9. National Horticulture Mission, Karnatak
  10. B.Sc. Agri, Krushi Mahavidhalay, Junagadh
  11. Adrsh Madhymik School, Kukashvada Dist: Amreli
  12. Deputy Directore of Extension Education- Indor
  13. Deputy Directore of Agriculture, Valmi Ta: Anand
  14. ITI Agro, Junagadh
  15. N.M.Sadguru Water and Development Foundation, Dahod
  16. Zilla Jalstrav Vikas Ekam, Dist: Arvalli
  17. V.R.T.I., Rajula Dist: Amreli
  18. Subhash Acadamic- Junagadh
  19. B.R.L. College, Gadhda Dist: Botad
  20. S.N. School- Rajkot
  21. Krushi Shala – Halvad
  22. Zilla Jalstrav Vikas Ekam, Bhuj
  23. R.S.E.T.I. – Rajkot
  24. Gram Bharti – Amrapur Ta: Mansa Dist: Gandhinagar
  25. Bebi Lend School- Junagadh
  26. B.R.S. College Lokniketan Mahavidhalay- Palanpur
  27. Dhareshvar Education Sanstha- Ahmedabad
  28. Madresha Sainik High School – Dhoraji
  29. B.R.S. College- Shardagram
  30. Assistant Conservater of foriest Ghudakhar Abhyaran- Dhangadhra
  31. Timbavadi Prathmik School - Junagadh
  32. Jay International School- Rajkot
  33. Sahayak Nirdeshak Udhyan – Shihori (Rajsthan)
  34. Sahayak Nirdeshak Udhyan – Nagor (Rajsthan)
  35. Taluka Panchayat Viramgam
  36. Dhareshvar Education Sanstha- Ahmedabad
  37. Eklavy Pablic School – Junagadh
  38. Krushi Vigyan Kendra- Disa
  39. Deputy Directore of Horticulture, Porbandar
  40. G.H.C.L. Foundation Trust- Sutrapada
  41. K.P.C. Goda Girls School- Junagadh
  42. Abandakar Primary School- Junagadh
  43. College of Horticulre – Jagudan Dist: Mahesana
  44. Agriculture Department- Hasirajpur
  45. Vivekannd Research and Training Institute-Bhavanagar
  46. I.T.I. Agro – Junagadh
  47. Politechanic in Agriculture, Navasari Agriculture University, Vyara
  48. Politechanic in Horticulture, Anand Agriculture University, Vadodra
  49. G.S.C.L. Foundation, Sutrapada, Vil. Vadodara Zala Gorkhmadhi
  50. G.S.C.L. Foundation, Sutrapada, Vil. Maljinjva, Dhramnva, Gabha(Ta: Talala)
  51. Collge of Agriculture, Fatehpur- Sikhavti, Sikar, Rajsthan
  52. Atma Project- Tapi
  53. Department of Agriculture- Dhar, Madhypradesh
  54. U.L.D. Science College- Gondal Dist: Rajkot
  55. Polyteachnic in Horticultural. Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh
  56. Parishram School, Ta. Ranavav Dist: Porbandar
  57. Tata Chemical Ltd., Mithapur
  58. Polyteachnic in Hortictural, Navasari Agricultural University, Bharuch
  59. Ambuja Cement Foundation – Kodinar
  60. Shree Arjun B.R.S. College, Supasi
  1. Class of Yuva farmers of GSFC - Vadodara
  2. Class of Farmers and farm Women in IFFCO Junagadh, Ahmedabad  and Rajkot
3)        Govt./ Semi. Govt. and NGOs Linkage with SSK
  1. Atma Project Junagadh, Kutch-Bhuj, Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Ta: Sutrapada Dist: Gir Somnath, Vyara-Tapi, Amreli(Ta: Bagasar-Dhari), Disa (Dist: Banaskantha), Chhota udepur,  Navsari, Anand(Ta: Khanbhat), Anand(Ta: Petlad)
  2. Gram Lakhshmi Kantariya- Kalyanpur
  3. Vishv Vatsalay Manv Seva Trust – Bagasara
  4. Shikshn ane Samaj B.C.I. Pariyojna, Amreli (Ta: Una, Gir Gadhada ane Khanbha)
  5. Shikshn ane Samaj B.C.I. Pariyojna, Amreli (Ta: Una ane Jafarabad)
  6. Triveni Kalayan Foundation Mahuva Dist: Bhavaagar
  7. National Mishan on Oil Seed and oil Palm Yojna Ta: Babara Dist: Amreli
  8. Manav Kalyan Seva Sngh Palanpur Dist: Banaskantha
  9. Agakhan Gram Samrthn Karykram (Bharat) Ta: Cholita Dist: Surendranagar
  10. Shreeji Education Seva Trust, Dhasa (Ta: Botad, Dist: Botad)
  11. Deputy Directore of Horticulture, Surat
  12. Vikram Sarabhai Center for Development Interation(Viksat), Kachh
  13. Gujarat Hevy Chemical LTD, Sutrapada
  14. Gram Vikas Trust- Dwarka Ta: Kalayanpur- Porbandar
Contact :
Dr. G.R. Gohil
Assistant Extension Educationist (Information)
Sardar Smruti Kendra, J.A.U., Junagadh
Telephone Number with STD Code
0285- 2672080 to 2672090
92747 78910, 92757 08342
0285- 2672080 to 2672090
PBX No.  332
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.